Compare the technologies

                    4 Tips to operate the camera simulator


  1. First decide on a camera technology. The Panomera® Multifocal Sensor System is preselected. For the megapixel camera you can choose between a 2K and 4K version.
  2. In the overview picture on the left you can zoom by mouse wheel.´
  3. The right image shows a detail view. Here the simulator realistically represents any possible losses in the quality of the video image.
  4. In the detail view on the right, the simulator determines the pixel density at the targeted point according to IEC 62676-4 for video surveillance systems. This way you can immediately see whether the captured data actually meet the requirements.



With Panomera® Multifocal Sensor Technology, you have everything in focus at all times –

and also recorded for later investigation with maximum image quality.

In typical surveillance applications, mostly megapixel and PTZ cameras are used. However, these reach the limits of their performance capabilities particularly when observing large spatial contexts.


The Panomera® multifocal-sensor technology combines the advantages of both camera technologies to secure public spaces and large areas with substantially fewer systems and infrastructure components.


The result is a better overview, lower cost, and any number of "virtual PTZs".


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